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Position: Compliance Officer

Examine, evaluate, and investigate conformity with applicable laws and regulations governing business, contract & licensing compliance for multimillion real estate investment, development & management projects in U.S. and China; perform due diligence review on transactions and projects & prepare reports for and communicate with manager and legal counsel; interact with accountants, servicing personnel, as well as professionals such as attorneys, appraisers, brokers and agents to obtain needed information; responsible for ensuring that accurate and sufficient documentation exists to meet legal requirements; review and evaluate contractor documentation, commercial and financing agreements, and business policies and procedures for adherence to established regulations and standards; act as liaison between company & regulatory agencies; assist with preparation, coordination and execution for regulatory examination, bank audits, and regulatory action items through meeting attendance, research, information gathering, and issue follow-up.

Master’s of Business Administration plus 2 years experience in job or as a compliance officer. Experience must include real estate investment & development projects in China.

Please send resume to Ms. Christian Lee, President:
136-20 38th Avenue, 12 Fl, Flushing, NY 11354