Management Team

Howard Hsu

Senior Vice President
TDC Development

Mr. Hsu joined the executive team of TDC in 2000 where he now serves as the company’s Senior Vice President, specializing in urban planning, urban design, and architecture. On high profile mixed-use developments, Mr. Hsu plays an integral role in managing and overseeing the highly complex design teams necessary for projects of this magnitude. Prior to joining TDC full-time, Mr. Hsu served as chief architect and project manager for various national architecture and urban planning firms, working on major projects for a diverse range of clients including The New York City Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Continental Airlines, and the University of Chicago.

Mr. Hsu received a Bachelor of Architecture from Chung-Yuan University and a M.S. of Architecture and Urban Design from Columbia University.

Albert Chen

Senior Vice President
TDC Development

Mr. Chen serves as a senior project manager and design architect for both Top8 Construction and TDC Development, specializing in building architectural and interior design. Mr. Chen has played an integral role in the majority of the company’s major developments over the past decade. Prior to joining The F&T Group, Mr. Chen was the principal partner of Tony Chi and Albert Chen and Associates, which specialized in hospitality design.

Mr. Chen received a Bachelor of Architecture from Tan-Kang University and a Master of Science in Architecture from the Illinois Institute of Technology. Mr. Chen has been a New York State registered Architect since 1989.

Earle Tockman

General Counsel
F&T Group

Mr. Tockman was appointed General Counsel in June of 2005 to manage and to supervise the legal aspects of deal structuring and financing for The F&T Group’s family of companies. Prior to joining F&T, Mr. Tockman gained development experience while serving as General Counsel to regional construction companies. He has also served as senior partner of a New York City private practice firm, specializing in commercial litigation, real estate and corporate law. Mr. Tockman is a former Assistant Professor of Law at De Paul University Law School, an Administrative Law Judge, and has been admitted to the Bar in New York, Illinois, and California. He is also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Mr. Tockman graduated from the University of Illinois (cum laude), studying accounting and economics before receiving his J.D. from Northwestern University (cum laude) where he was elected Managing Editor of the Northwestern Law Review.

Christian Lee

Chairman & CEO
Top8 Construction

Mrs. Lee is the CEO of Top8 Construction Corp. In addition, from the inception of TAFA Development Corp. in 1985 through the company’s most recent developments, Mrs. Lee has been chiefly responsible for the sales and marketing of residential projects of F&T group.. After more than two decades of building the family of companies, she remains actively involved in the companies’ operations and strategic investment decisions.

Mrs. Lee is a graduate of Shih Chien University in Taiwan.

Thomas Chang

Vice President
Top8 Construction

Mr. Chang has focused on construction management for more than 20 years with Top8 Construction Corp. and its predecessor companies. Before immigrating to the U.S., Mr. Chang was a senior sales and marketing manager in a high profile automobile industry company in Taiwan, providing him with significant experience in management and marketing. Currently the Vice President of Top8 Construction, Mr. Chang has led many successful teams in completing a variety of construction projects. Through his leadership, the company has always executed effective value-engineering and time-saving strategies.

Guy Bodenburg

Senior Project Manager
Top8 Construction

Mr. Bodenburg is a seasoned and respected member of the construction industry. He has over twenty years of relevant experience, mastering the fundamental trades of plumbing, masonry, carpentry, electrical work, and roofing. His unique combination of trades knowledge, construction experience, and management expertise make him an ideal project manager.

Mr. Bodenburg coordinates and oversees all end-to-end construction elements in The F&T Group’s high-end residential condominium residences in Manhattan. Previously, he was also involved in the completion of the China Embassy Residence Tower, a high-rise residential project in midtown Manhattan.

Mr. Bodenburg is a retired Detective of the New York City Police Department, after serving on the squad for twenty years.

Edward Miller

EVP of Operations
Fultonex Management

Mr. Miller joined Fultonex Management in October of 2005 to oversee bonding, insurance, and personnel. Before coming to F&T, Mr. Miller oversaw more than $50 million out of the ground construction in the Manhattan market, serving as CEO of Princeton General Construction and Matrix Construction. He is the current Property Manager for many of F&T’s portfolio companies.

Mr. Miller graduated with a liberal arts degree from Virginia Wesleyan College.