• Prince Center

    Prince Center

    Prince Center is a class-A, commercial mixed-use project with 5 levels of offices, ground-level retail and 2 levels of sub-grade parking. The ground level includes frameless storefronts and well-crafted granite paneling. Each granite pier also features historic medallions of Flushing. The total floor area is 110,000 sq. ft. Prince Center was developed, constructed, and is now ....Read More
  • Sanford Tower

    Sanford Tower

    Sanford Tower is a 13-story mixed-use building. It contains condo residential units, three levels of medical offices, and two levels of parking. Of the 58 luxury residential units, 18 were constructed in a mix of duplexes or triplexes. All of these units have balconies or terraces. The building also provides state-of-the-art recreation facilities along with ....Read More
  • Flushing Mall

    Flushing Mall

    Flushing Mall was created by merging and repositioning two existing buildings in Downtown Flushing. A multicolor scheme was utilized throughout the space to create a vibrant and playful atmosphere, aiming to draw in a younger crowd. The first building, eShops, is comprised of individual retail stores, with corridors providing a circular path of movement, taking visitors ....Read More
  • Booth Manor

    Booth Manor

    Booth Manor is a 6-story residential condominium development with 21 units and 2 daycare center units. The total floor area is approximately 41,313 square feet which includes cellar parking. Booth Manor was completed in 2000. ....Read More
  • TDC Center

    TDC Center

    TDC Center is a 3-story mixed-use office building. Until the move to Queens Crossing in 2007, this building served as the international headquarters for The F&T Group. The first and second floors are now occupied by a local day-care center. The third floor is dedicated to community facility use. The total floor area is 30,000 ....Read More
  • Cornish Manor

    Cornish Manor

    Cornish Manor is a residential building with 5 floors plus a basement. The unit consists of 8 residential units and 1 day-care center unit. The total floor area is 28,000 sq. ft. Cornish Manor was completed in 1999. ....Read More
  • Colden Garden

    Colden Garden

    Colden Garden is a 9-floor residential building with two floors below grade. The building consists of 72 residential units, 10 medical office units, and 1 day-care center unit. The total floor area is 107,300 sq. ft. Colden Garden was completed in 1998. ....Read More
  • Fulton Plaza

    Fulton Plaza

    Fulton Plaza was built as a 15-story hotel with 80,000 sq. ft.of total area. The hotel was completed in the mid 1990’s. In 2002, Fulton Plaza was converted into a residence hall for students of Pace University, and renamed Fulton Hall. Fulton Hall currently houses over 200 students in a variety of room configurations from singles ....Read More
Design by Louis Lei. Develope by Hsinyi Niu.