F&T Group is a global development company that integrates real estate service companies to effectively handle acquisition, planning, design, development, construction and management of mixed-use projects in China and NYC.
F&T Group’s motto of “Global vision for local development” derives from its Four Key Points:

VISION derives from the leaders of F&T Group, whose unique worldview draws three decades of large-scale development in the U.S and Asia. Renowned for the commitment to the communities he develops; F&T respects local voices and traditions as the company expertly crafts forward-looking vision with global inflection.

VALUES form the core of F&T, where each team member treasures the past and embrace the future, cares about individuals and support institutions, foster and advances new technology.

VITALITY is a synergy of eastern and western cultures sustained by F&T’s experienced management; creative planners; seasoned architects; astute acquisition specialists; veteran construction managers and savvy property marketers – all taking pride in their work.

VERSATILITY is reflected in F&T’s diverse portfolio of properties including mixed0use development, retail, residential apartments, medical facilities, hotels and office buildings.