The F&T Group

A bridge linking Past & Future.
A ligature of Innovation & Experience.
A bond between East & West.

Multi-faceted and multi-generational, grounded by tradition as it embraces innovation, F&T Group is a vertically integrated American Real Estate Development Company with comprehensive expertise in all aspects of the industry – from finance, site acquisition and design to construction, marketing and property management. Based in New York with satellite offices in China, the company has built an over 30-year reputation of excellence represented by a diverse portfolio of highly successful, large-scale projects both in the U.S. and abroad.

With strong investments in both the USA and China, F&T Group is uniquely positioned to become the go-to resource for high profile development projects that bridge East and West. In doing so, F&T Group will maintain its deep commitment to integrity and an abiding respect for its partners, clients and the values of the communities in which it operates.

F&T’s mindset, experience and way of doing business are reflected as a unified concept.

The Chinese Market

The F&T Group entered the Chinese market in the late 1990s, establishing its China headquarters in Shanghai. The company has since developed many strategic relationships with well-known Chinese enterprises and foreign investment groups. These include strategic partnerships such as Shanghai Construction Group, one of the largest construction companies in the world and J.P. Morgan Asset Management, Global Real Assets.

In China, The F&T Group focuses on commercial real estate development, providing its clients with a full range of real estate services including development management, sales and marketing and property management.

Due to F&T’s internationally informed development expertise and its unique platform bridging China with the United States, it has gained credibility with the Chinese government and is fast at work on landmark development opportunities across the country, including the Nanjing World Trade Center in the Hexi District of Nanjing.