F&T’s global orientation, deep industry expertise and collaborative approach
are unifying principles which inform the company’s culture and drive its success across continents.

Vision Beyond Boundaries

We offer a global perspective with respect for local traditions. Through comprehensive planning & targeted execution, our talented team consistently realizes unparalleled development projects of exceptional quality.

Industry Commitment

We understand the relationship between dedication and achievement. For over thirty years, we have invested our time and energies on the development of long-term real estate assets to successfully meet the ever-increasing demand of the US and overseas

Cooperative Mindset

Our experienced team and collaborative approach are what make us great partners. We recognize that our success depends upon the success of our colleagues and counterparts in the field.

Integrity & Accountability

Our legacy is strengthened by our unwavering belief in fair and ethical practices. We assume responsibility for our every action and possess an abiding respect for our business associates and the communities in which we operate.

Growing Talent from Within

We never stop learning. And we always strive to improve our capabilities and knowledge through real practice. These ideals trickle-down within the enterprise and serve to hone highly capable talent pools within the firm.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

F&T Group recognizes that our employees and community are integral to the foundation of our business. The leadership team takes an active interest in the firm’s commitment to community and is dedicated to supporting socially responsible initiatives.